MP01002 International System Ruler Wholesale 10 Pack

International System Ruler Wholesale 10 Pack


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International System Rulers can now be made available at stores in your location! Contact Metric Pioneer for pricing agreement at 503-428-4917 if you have a retail store and would like to carry this product.

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Product Description

Now available to retailers: Wholesale Pack of Ten International System Rulers; Suggested Retail Price: $10.

25 cm International System Ruler shows all SI prefixes to the meter on one side and on the other side shows Area Volume and Mass interrelationships. These lengths are listed on ruler: yoctometer zeptometer attometer femtometer picometer nanometer micrometer millimeter centimeter decimeter decameter hectometer kilometer megameter gigameter terameter petameter exameter zettameter yottameter. Keep in mind that some people spell these lengths differently: yoctometre zeptometre attometre femtometre picometre nanometre micrometre millimetre centimetre decimetre decametre hectometre kilometre megametre gigametre terametre petametre exametre zettametre yottametre.

Additional Information

Weight 115 g
Dimensions 25 x 4 x 0.1 cm


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