$5,000 Grant

$5,000 Grant


(Cheque or Money Order also accepted)

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Grant $5,000 to Metric Pioneer. Your donation to Metric Pioneer would potentially help educate citizens of the United States of American (and US Territories). You could help Americans learn how to properly measure and you might even help us convince a few Americans to: Kill the inch! So if you would like to see America join the rest of the people of Earth; if you would like to promote global measurement harmony; if you would like to get rid of our ridiculous dual-measurement insanity for good, then you could help us make that happen by donating today. Your donation would be spent on promotional items you see in our shop, like the International System Ruler; SI – An Educational Overview for Americans; Think Metric Grocery Bag; and Think International T Shirt. The prices are currently a little high because Metric Pioneer would incur a loss if prices were any lower. Your donation would allow Metric Pioneer to replenish stock or lower prices or send out more free promotional items or purchase Advertising, which is VERY expensive. Paying an advertising company is something Metric Pioneer has not been able to afford at all. When you make your grant to Metric Pioneer, you could specify how you want your money spent. You may make as many Grants as you wish. Metric Pioneer is a For-Profit company based in Salem Oregon USA. Any Grant made to Metric Pioneer is unconditional and not refundable. The Metric System became the International System in 1960. Where can I donate money to a pro-America, pro-Metric System cause? MetricPioneer.com of course!


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