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The Metric Conversion Act of 1975 designates the International System of Units (SI) as the preferred measurement system for United States trade and commerce. Congress finds that although SI has been authorized by United States law since 1866, we are the only industrially developed nation lacking a National Metrication Policy.

Americans have been toddling around on training wheels for 150 years. This perpetual measurement limbo is a result of us fooling around with dual measurements and never actually getting serious about a metrication completion date. In order to rid ourselves of nonsensical measurements, we must stop relying on conversions and stop making excuses. Our lame Duel Measurement Strategy has utterly failed.

Just take off your training wheels and free yourself. Our nation will have to undergo metrication one person at a time. Start with yourself right now.

After you pass the Terran System Exam, complete each one of the sections below to begin your journey towards becoming a Metric Pioneer.

You can download a Portable Document Format (PDF) file of the Progress Checklist here. The form may not work so well in your web browser, so for best results, please be sure to hover over the options at lower right and save the Progress-Checklist.pdf to your computer. For help, phone 503-428-4917.

Once you have completed a section in the checklist, click on the link to the corresponding section below, and complete the form to gain that membership level.

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Tell Us About Your Metrication Efforts

Say something about yourself. Share your thoughts with others who are also interested in metrication efforts. Describe accomplishments, activities, goals, events and any ideas you have about promoting United States metrication efforts:

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