Big Question: Should The U.S. Go Metric? Former presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee is calling on the United States to “be bold” and switch to the metric system of measurement.  John Munson’s guest from the U.S. Metric Association discusses the pros and cons of making the change. Listen to the interview here: Wisconsin Public Radio

American Metrication: One person at a time; start with yourself right now! Register (top left corner) now and take the Terran System Exam and work your way through the Ten Levels of the Metrication Progress CheckList (Level 1 Registered; Level 2 Beginner; Level 3 Novice; Level 4 Apprentice; Level 5 Competent; Level 6 Advocate; Level 7 Campaigner; Level 8 Ambassador; Level 9 Expert) until you achieve Level 10 Metric Pioneer. Phone 503-428-4917 for help.

Ask Congress to update the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act to allow, but not require, the use of metric-only package labeling in the USA. This legislation would not affect package sizes, only content labeling. Help our children do better in science classes and our businesses compete in the international (metric) marketplace.

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