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    I love your question, Mike. I have two ideas for you. Call your congressperson on the phone and insist that he / she push to amend the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act to allow (but not require) metric-only labeling. Next, call the senator who represents you and propose legislation similar to Hawaii HB36 and Oregon Senate Bill 166. Submit the same wording, but remove the word Oregon and replace it with California. That is how I got SB 166 moving. Also, please consider registering with MetricPioneer.com (top left corner) David Pearl http://www.MetricPioneer.com 503-428-4917

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    Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 20:50:54 +0000
    From: Metric Pioneer
    Subject: Information on Oregon metrication bill
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    From: Mike
    Subject: Information on Oregon metrication bill

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    David, I follow @MetricPioneer on Twitter and I was excited to see that you’ve gotten the attention of leaders of the state of Oregon to move the state into the 21st century and have SI become the standard system of measurement in the state. I’m going to be visiting Portland in May and I was wondering, although I live in California what can I do to support the push to make SI the standard system of weights and measures in Oregon? How could I do something in my home state? It only takes one snowflake to start an avalanche.
    Happy Presidents day! Hope to hear from you soon.