International System Flag

SI Flag

SI Flag

SI Flag or International System Flag is a Vertical Tricolour.
French Blue represents birthplace of Metric System (which is reorganized, extended and renamed International System in 1960).
Ethiopian Green represents first independent African member of League of Nations and United Nations.
Central Grid Device with United Nations Blue represents global ubiquity of the International System of units.
Ten Stars represent a quadrant of Earth meridian measuring ten million meters from equator to pole and ten primate fingers.
Ten Stars (each star having Ten Sides) represent the fundamental International System scheme:
10 mm = 1 cm (10 millimeters = 1 centimeter)
10 cm = 1 dm (10 centimeters = 1 decimeter)
10 dm = 1 m (10 decimeters = 1 meter)
10 m = 1 dam (10 meters = 1 dekameter)
10 dam = 1 hm (10 dekameters = 1 hectometer)
10 hm = 1 km (10 hectometers = 1 kilometer)
Flag design by David Pearl
Terran System
Background: The French Government in 1790 appoints a committee of the Academy of Science to undertake the making of a new system based upon some fundamental scientific measure. The French Government finally makes the decision that a system of weights and measures different from any of those then in use is necessary in the interest of simplicity and uniformity.
Three measures are proposed:
1. The length of a second’s pendulum
2. The length of a quadrant of a terrestrial equator
3. The length of a quadrant of a terrestrial meridian
The committee reports in favour of the terrestrial meridian measure and decides to use one ten-millionth of a quadrant of the meridian passing through Dunkirk and Barcelona as the standard unit of linear measure under the new system. To this unit of length the designation “meter” is assigned.

1 Jan 2017

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