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    Jim 14 Mar 2020 at 2:39 pm #

    Howdy –
    Love the blog, 100% wholeheartedly support and thank you for your efforts and 1000% support a metric USA. I too am a metric activist in my own capacity.
    One suggestion – I strongly encourage avoiding politicizing or religionizing (made up word, but you get it) the metrication effort. Using religious or political references to prove a point or create SI awareness is a dangerous one. I’m a right leaning (libertarian, to be exact) Christian and there’s no one in the USA more hell bent on a metric USA than me. Religious and/or political commentary can easily be taken out of context by those with lesser senses of humor or politicians looking for yet another weapon against their political rivals. Striving for a metric USA should be completely agnostic and apolitical. Again – Thanks for what you do and measure wisely.

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