King Manuel I of Portugal in 1495 defines length and weight standards of Portuguese Customary Units at a national level. The remaining units differ from one region to another but do not vary greatly from those of Lisbon. Portugal, Brasil and other parts of the Portuguese Empire use Portuguese Customary Units until the adoption of the Metric System in the 19th century. In 1814 Portugal becomes the second country on Earth (France being first) to officially adopt the metric system. The system then adopted used Portuguese traditional unit designations instead of the original French ones (vara for metre; canada for litre; and libra for kilogramme). However, several difficulties prevent the implementation of the new system and old Portuguese Customary Units continue both in Portugal and in Brasil (which meanwhile had become an independent country in 1822). Portugal and her colonies finally adopt the metric system in 1852, this time using the original names of the units. Brasil replaces Portuguese Customary Units with the metric system in 1862.

Title: Lei Imperial : Lei nº 1.157, de 26 de junho de 1862 Authors: Brasil. Assembléia Geral Legislativa (1862) Keywords: Legislação : sistema métrico nacional Issue Date: 1862 Abstract: Lei 1.157 de 26 de junho de 1862, substituía formalmente todo o sistema de unidades em uso no Império pelo sistema métrico francês. Determina a substituição, em todo o Império, do sistema de pesos e medidas pelo sistema métrico francês, na parte concernente às medidas lineares, de superfície, capacidade e peso. Fixa prazo de 10 anos para substituição do sistema em uso e incluindo em todos os currículos escolares de aritmética aulas referentes ao sistema métrico.

Title: Imperial Law: Law No. 1,157, of 26 June 1862 Authors: Brazil. Legislative General Assembly (1862) Keywords: Legislation: National Metric Issue Date: 1862 Abstract: Law 1,157 of June 26, 1862, formally replaced the entire system of units in use in the Empire by the French metric system. Determines the replacement, throughout the Empire, the system of weights and measures by the French metric system, in part concerning the linear measurements, surface, capacity and weight. Fixed period of 10 years for system replacement in use and also in all school curricula arithmetic classes for the metric system.

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